Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March Pay It Forward Winner

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The House of Djinn by Suzanne Fisher Stapes
was my March Pay it Forward book giveaway. I picked one lucky person from the comments on this post for the book. This is the third book in the stories of the life of Shabanu, a young woman living with her family in the desert of Pakistan.

And the winner is...

Tiffany!!! God Bless you and your family Tiffany, and comfort you in the loss of your sweet daughter. Send me your snail mail at cloudscomeATyahooDOTcom and I'll shoot your your book.

Everyone: Click on over to Overwhelmed with Joy and see what other books are up for grabs this month. Here's how it is played:

1) Once a month I'll pick a book to give away to one lucky reader (you don’t have to have a blog to enter). It may be a book that I’ve purchased new or used, or it may be a book that someone has shared with me that I really like. It’ll probably be a paperback, just to make things easier, but no guarantees.
2) All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave me a comment on the book post.
3) If you’re the lucky winner of the book giveaway and you have your own blog I ask that you, in turn, host a drawing to give a book away for free to one of your readers. If you're a non-blogger who has won the book, please consider donating a book to your local library or shelter after you're done with it.
4) If you’re really motivated and want to host your own “Pay It Forward” giveaway at any time, feel free to grab the button below to use on your own blog. Just let Overwhelmed know so she can publish a post plugging your giveaway and directing readers your way!The Pay It Forward Book Exchange is designed to encourage people to read, to share good books, to possibly get you out of your reading comfort zone, and to get fun stuff in the mail instead of just bills!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Congrats to Tiffany on her win! :)