Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I was feeling a little down yesterday because it seems comments are down. I was away at a workshop on Monday and hadn't posted anything since Friday, so I shouldn't be complaining, but nonetheless it is a bit discouraging. I decided I should make a greater effort to comment on other people's blogs instead of moaning about my own.

So this morning I went after my full feedreader. (I use bloglines but here is a wiki telling how to set up Google Reader). The first blog I read was Crazy for Kids Books, where I found a post telling us how to make a talking avitar or Voki. What fun! But since I am often reading blogs in the library and I don't want to attract attention, I don't think I'll do that one just yet. I followed her links to The Edublogger and found a bunch of other interesting stuff.

This article on Conversations caught my eye right away. She says,
"The most important aspect of blogging, and where the true learning happens, is in the conversations. Blogging conversation like these are powerful because you are drawing from a diverse range of people, from various backgrounds, with a variety of experiences. Each individual shares their differing perceptive leading to greater gain and innovation by all involved. "
That is so true! That's why I miss the comments. I want to know what other people think about what I'm reading and I want to follow the thread to see what develops in the group mind. Here's what she says about how to keep the conversations going.

One thing I've noticed about Friday Poetry; I always look forward to seeing what poems others are posting and I try to comment on as many as possible. The trouble is I always forget where I've found ideas or made comments that I want to follow up on or where I am hoping to read further on what others are saying. I have a terribly short attention span so by Sunday or Monday I've forgotten all about Friday's comments. I've tried various ways to track comments, including technorati tags and RSS, but so far it's always been to complicated and time-consuming to keep up with. Today I found another edublog post addressing just this subject: Managing Comments.
"Blogging is all about having the conversations — not talking to yourself! True conversations, which is what we want to achieve, is when we all, author and commenters interact."
Step by step directions are given for setting up co.mment, which I am in the process of learning to do. I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks of this or how you keep track of comment conversations. What works for you?


tanita✿davis said...

Hey Andi,
Blogger has a "follow" function now, so that you can check the box to "email follow-up comments" to yourself. It's not an exact science because you do get everyone's follow-up comments as well as the ones strictly directed to you, but it does keep the conversation going.

Sometimes I figure people are either ill or in their own funks when they don't respond to something I think is fabulous -- the trick is, I guess, to keep talking!


Sara said...

Got to check out that co.mment thingie now.

Like TadMack, I try to always check the email option when I leave a comment, but some blogs don't have this option. I also use Google Reader to subscribe to all comments from some blogs.

BTW, I lOVED your poem comment to my poem on Poetry Friday. That was great!

And I DO subscribe to your blog, so I'm reading (and viewing your lovely photos) all the time. I don't always have time to comment, so I wish there was an option for leaving a bit of love every time I passed through, even if I didn't say anything. Like a calling card, you know?

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks. You guys are the best! :) I did know about that follow function but the thing is I always forget to check it! Can you believe that? *slaps forehead* I guess that means co.mments is doomed for me.

Sara you are sweet to remember my comment on your fabulous poem! I think I was commenting on your post today at the same time you were commenting here. WHEEE!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andi. I know what you mean about the comments; sometimes it's discouraging. That's a neat little device you found; I'll have to check it out. Once I tried commenting on every Poetry Friday post on a given day, and it took me something like 2 hours!

Jen Robinson said...

I am clearly following TadMack around today (having just commented after her at MotherReader). Just thought I would make this a multi-site conversation (grin). But seriously, I LOVE the "email follow-up comments" feature in Blogger, and I usually check it (though sometimes I have to unsubscribe later, if the comments go in a different direction). I wish all of the blog services had that, because it's so easy. Sounds like what you need is a blogger default setting for you such that it's always checked. Maybe someday... I do know what you mean about perking up when you get more comments, and feeling a bit down otherwise.

Tricia said...

I'm here and I'm listening (reading), though not always commenting.

Anonymous said...

google reader is makes my timewasting so much more productive

Suzanne said...

I've been having the same concern and the same resolve.

I just used Blogger in Draft's feature - BlogLines to post my Google feeds onto my blog. This way, I can easily see when someone I read has a new post and can quickly pop over to chime in if I wish. It's functioning as a combo blogroll and feedreader.



Andromeda Jazmon said...

".it makes my timewasting so much more productive" LOL that is great!

Thank you ALL for chiming in and cheering me right up!

Suzanne I am not sure I understand how that works. Can you explain it again? I need to come over to your blog and see it in action.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Don't think that people aren't reading your blog just because they're not commenting all the time. It's been one of those winters for me--stubborn respiratory infection, muscle spasm in my upper back/neck causing pain when I sit at the computer. I try to keep up with reading my favorite blogs--but not always commenting in recent weeks because of how I've been feeling--also because of other things in my life: my mother's ninetieth birthday party at my house, making preparations for our reading council dinner at which Ed Emberley was guest speaker, etc. I post when I can--the same goes for commenting at blogs. Don't lose heart. I usually check out A Wrung Sponge four or five times a week--if not more.

MotherReader said...

I hear you sister. I think as more and more kid lit blogs have hit the web, people spent more time browsing and less time connecting. I don't have as many comments as I used to and not from some of the same people I used to.

I don't have a good system to share with you. On my work days I do most of my blog reading, and I always visit my blogroll friends. I don't always comment, though I'm trying harder to comment more - even if it's days after the post. As for checking back to keep the conversation going, I tend to use my blogroll more than a blog reader, so as I'm checking out a blog's new posts, I'll scroll down to the post I commented on. Not the easiest way, but there you have it.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Elaine I have the same troubles as you with the infections and back pain. I am so glad to hear you are reading me I can't complain! Thanks for chiming in here.

Mother Reader - I am like you. Trying to keep up!

art-sweet said...

I tend to read on bloglines and have about 17 posts of yours saved to go back and comment on. But I know what you mean about feeling sad when no one comments... so here I am... commenting!