Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A New Book Widget

I was browsing over at the Cybils site this morning, checking to see what other Cybil nominee books may have won an ALA award that I missed, and I saw this post about a new way to link book information from my blog. It's called Selective Blue and here's what Anne at the Cybils blog said:
"You'll notice tiny blue boxes next to many Amazon links. Click on a blue box and you can compare prices at several different online booksellers, or add the book to your favorite reading community, such as GoodReads or Shelfari."
I've signed up with Selective Blue for this blog, and now next to many book titles you will see a tiny blue box like this: A Mango-shaped Space by Wendy Mass. I just had to sign up for a free account and install the widget code into Blogger. Easy-peasey. Click the little blue box and you can find the books all over the universe. Cool huh?

After playing with it for a bit I realize I have to link the book title to Amazon or B& N or some other specific seller before the Selective Blue hot link shows up. I wish it would recognize every book title automatically, but I guess that's a bit too much to ask. The good thing is once you click on that little blue link you can choose to read a list of reviews, find the book in World Cat at your local library, find it in BookCrossing (freely shared copies passed around) or find it in Library Thing. I'm still playing with it. Let me know what you think.

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Sara said...

I've got it, too! And a snazzy little button for Letters From Rapunzel in my sidebar. The only problem I have with the searches comes from WorldCat, which doesn't pull up my book because it files me under Sara Holmes, instead of Sara Lewis Holmes. (I put in a request to WorldCat for a cross-reference.)

And I've requested that be added along with Library Thing.

Also, I pointed the creator of SmartLinks to some databases that specifically cater to children's books, such as the wiki that Kelly Herold started. He said he'd pulled a few more ideas for review sites from my author website---I'm not sure which ones. I'd like to see the SmartSearch link reflect the great work of the Kidlitosphere.