Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friday Poetry: An Original Roundel

Rough Cut Stone

This block of stone, shaped by an inexact hand,
was sliced and chopped with little care
for fine or delicate edges. One left along a lonely strand
abandoned with its face laid bare.

It sits alone in winter's brutal fair
sunk in a puddle cozied by the grassy land;
foundation of an empire only rabbits share.

Still by grace I come to stand
offering up my wavering prayer
and seeking bedrock for my brand;
my soul absolved, its face laid bare.

.........................-Andromeda Jazmon

Trisha at Miss Rumphius Effect has given us another challenging Monday Poetry Stretch this week. She requests a roundel. She tells us:
"A roundel is a three-stanza poem of 11 lines. The stanzas have four, three, and four lines in them and a rhyme scheme of abab bab abab. Ah, but there's more. Line 4 is repeated as line 11 -- not an easy trick!"

I've written the above poem in this form after taking the picture last week on one of my favorite walking paths. A science teacher friend tells me about this rock:
"The rocks are used to block big pieces of trash and pollution from moving down stream. It’s a really neat system. The rock itself, I’m not 100% sure but it’s probably from a local quarry which means it’s probably sedimentary – made of clay that turned into shale. We have a lot of shale around here."
To me that makes this rock even more beautiful and significant.

The Friday Poetry round up this week is at Karen Edmisten's place. Enjoy your weekend reads!


Daisy said...


I really like this one. It feels very - I don't know what - "Watership Down"? I don't know where that came from. Haven't read that in decades. Hmmm...

Anyway - I really liked your Rondel! Thanks for sharing it!

paisley said...

you did a great job on this.. especially liked the fact that it was a "found" item that formed thesewords...

Crafty Green Poet said...

An empire of rabbits, oh what a thought....

tanita✿davis said...

Both an altar of sorts for you and a cornerstone for a rabbit castle. You've made the line repeat really work -- this form is so hard but you've made it look easy!

Karen Edmisten said...

It's beautiful! Wow ... very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Love the roundel, and the rock and its story. So cool.

Sara said...

I like the way you cleverly twisted the phrase "face laid bare." And that rock---I'm intrigued by it. What is it about rocks that draw us so?