Monday, December 10, 2007

December Pay It Forward: Isabel Allende

I have had this paperback copy of The Stories of Eva Luna for years. I really love everything Allende has written and this is a really good collection. She has given us twenty three short stories whispered in the ear of Eva Luna's lover Rolf Carle. In the long night he asked her for a story "you have never told anyone before" and these haunting, captivating tales rolled out. If you have never read Allende before you could start here and never be finished with her. I'll give you a taste of her extravagant writing from the first paragraphs of "Interminable Life":
"There are all kinds of stories. Some are born with the telling; their substance is language, and before someone puts them into words they are but a hint of an emotion, a caprice of mind, an image, or an intangible recollection. Others are manifest whole, like an apple, and can be repeated infinitely without risk of altering their meaning. Some are taken from reality and processed through inspiration, while others rise up from an instant of inspiration and become real after being told. And then there are secret stories that remain hidden in the shadows of the mind; they are like living organisms, they grow roots and tentacles, they become covered with excrescences and parasites, and with time are transformed into the matter of nightmares. To exorcise the demons of memory, ti is sometimes necessary to tell them as a story."

I am offering my copy of this book in my December Pay It Forward book exchange.

Here's a summary of the exchange: I got the idea for this from Overwhelmed with Joy. I plan to give away a book to one of my readers in the first week of every month until I run out of books. Here's how it is played:

1) Once a month I'll pick a book to give away to one lucky reader (you don’t have to have a blog to enter). It may be a book that I’ve purchased new or used, or it may be a book that someone has shared with me that I really like. It’ll probably be a paperback, just to make things easier, but no guarantees.

2) All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave me a comment on this post. I'll draw names out of a hat on Monday, December 17.

3) If you’re the lucky winner of the book giveaway and you have your own blog I ask that you,in turn, host a drawing to give that book away for free to one of your readers, after you’ve had a chance to read it (let’s say, within a month after you’ve received the book). If you mail the book out using the media/book rate that the post office offers it’s pretty inexpensive. If you're a non-blogger who has won the book, please consider donating the book to your local library or shelter after you're done with it.

4) If you’re really motivated and want to host your own “Pay It Forward” giveaway at any time, feel free to grab the button below to use on your own blog. Just let Overwhelmed know so she can publish a post plugging your giveaway and directing readers your way!

The Pay It Forward Book Exchange is designed to encourage people to read, to share good books, to possibly get you out of your reading comfort zone, and to get fun stuff in the mail instead of just bills!

So just leave me a comment if you'd like to be part of this month's drawing. Remember, you have until next Monday, December 17!! And stop by Overwhelmed to see what other books are being given away this month.

Note: Last month I offered a copy of The Splendor of Silence. My randomly drawn winner was Jill, but I don't have any contact information for her. Jill if you are reading this, send me your address! I am holding the book for you. cloudscomeATyahooDOTcom


Overwhelmed! said...

This book sounds too good to pass up. Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks for participating in my December Pay It Forward Book Exchange by hosting your own giveaway. I’ve got you linked in my post and entered for my book giveaways!

jubilee said...

This sounds like a great book. A nice change of pace and engaging. Thanks for offering it. Please enter me.

Karen said...

This sounds really great! I had not heard of it before, but I have read other books by Isabel Allende before and really enjoyed them. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

kpuleski at gmail dot com

windycindy said...

"Seasons Greetings!" Please enter me in your contest for your wonderful sounding book. I certainly appreciate it. Cindi

Color Online said...

Oh! How did I miss this? One more for the wish list. I really appreciate the time and energy you put into your blog. You've become and invaluable resource to me.