Friday, December 28, 2007


by Audre Lorde

Is the total black, being spoken
From the earth's inside.
There are many kinds of open.
How a diamond comes into a knot of flame
How a sound comes into a word, coloured
By who pays what for speaking.

"Audre Lorde (1934 - 1992) The impassioned poetry of the African-American AUDRE LORDE (1934-1992) grew out of her keen sense of injustice—racial as well as gender—and a strong desire to break through silence and politeness to unafraid illumination. Born in New York City to West Indian parents, she turned in her later work to African sources, emphasizing its oral roots and finding a model in the matriarchies of that continent for her emergent lesbian and communal consciousness. "

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Sarah Amick said...

Wanted to thank you for the mentioning of the book "Three Cups of Tea" I went out to finish Christmas shopping and bought it for myself to read. Couldn't put it down. Thank you for mentioning it, reading it changed a lot of the misconceptions that I had and made me feel as if something positive could happen.

tanita✿davis said...

This is one of those poems you have to read over and over again, aloud, etc., to get the full impact. Lots to fit into my head. Thanks for sharing it.

The People Could Fly Project said...

i am really enjoying your blog.. and your pairings of poetry with images. clear and beautiful