Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shop for a good cause

Every year I try to do more to simplify our family holidays. I like to find ways to share our wealth and contribute to other's needs even as we celebrate our family and express our love for each other. Last year I wrote this about simplifying the holidays and this year I am doing many of the same things. We all have long lists of people we want to buy gifts for and I like to see that as an opportunity to contribute to worthy causes. This year I am planning to give contributions in the name of loved ones to UNICEF, World Vision or the Heifer Project. For people that I want give a "thing" gift that is wrapped I am shopping at The Greater Gift or Ten Thousand Villages.

Mitali's Fire Escape reminds us that the recent cyclone in Bangladesh has caused tremendous pain and suffering. Thousands of families are homeless this week when we in America celebrate Thanksgiving. I encourage you to go follow her link and give a little to share your wealth in order to celebrate and give thanks.

Mom Unplugged has a series going on about simplifying the holidays.

Other ideas for giving gifts and celebrating this holiday season:

Adoptive Families has a list of gift giving ideas that benefit orphans and children in foster care.

Book of Kells suggests a micro loan through KIVA

Gift Ideas from New American Dream:

Try these alt gift alternatives:

What are your favorite places to shop that make the world a better place?


Julie said...

I just _knew_ I wanted to take a break from pies to catch up on your blog. I also like to shop at 10,000 Villages. (aka SERRV) is similar. Both sell Divine (fair trade) chocolate; all the flavors are good, but I especially love the extra dark!

Buying from helps empower the women/children who craft the goods. One example is the Women's Bean Project (yummy soup mixes!).

Thanks for this wonderful reminder that how and where we shop matters!

Liz Dwyer said...

I love this idea of giving gifts to good causes in someone's name. Now that's worth doing! Thanks for sharing all these links.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post! I am planning an alternative gift post soon, and would love to link to this.

My 2nd grade daughter's class is raising money for the Heifer Project and she is very excited about it.

By the way, thanks for the mention. Hope your Thanksgiving was relaxing and enjoyable!