Thursday, November 01, 2007


My child, don’t forget:

characters exchange.

Sing a psalm for the new and

return thanks.

Invent a secret life.

Children at crossroads

connect to anything.

You will decode Messages.

It could be a poem of ants and acids;

an academy of the most prosperous

lesson plans on equality .

Seek out how many days

until we know this truth:

Ugly duckling ="chicken boy" +"test answers".

Always remember what I tell you.

Awakening depends upon

related poetry about place;

not types of Harry Potter haiku.

This book discussion wonders

over text to self connection;

It’s chasing myths for kids by kids; a list of

free underground railroad quilt patterns.

.......-Andromeda Jazmon

This week Miss Rumphius is giving us Found Poetry as our poetry stretch. This form collects words or phrases from the environment and shapes them into a poem by rearranging, adding and manipulating the language (read the Wikipedia entry.) I am intrigued with this practice. To write the above poem I looked at my site meter and collected search terms that brought readers to this blog over the past few days. It was a fascinating and illuminating exercise. Read more found poems by following the links at Miss Rumphius.

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