Thursday, November 29, 2007


Since September I am excited to find that many of the adults in my building are talking about books every chance we get; passing in the halls, in between meetings, over lunch or at the coffee machine. I discovered there was a network of best sellers being passed around the office and I decided to tap into it. We set up a book exchange shelf in the faculty lounge where anyone can drop off a book they have enjoyed and find new reads. We just got the book shelf set up and are in the process of acquiring some comfy chairs to go along side it. I've been looking for ways to promote our book exchange.This week I decided to leave little incentives on the top shelf to encourage people to remember to check what's new and bring in a few of their own books to add. Some chocolates (gone in an hour), specialty teas, hand made book marks, mints...

Thanks to Chicken Spaghetti's link to the site Home Library today I am making book plates for everyone who drops by the book exchange shelf. At this site these beautiful and clever designs are totally free and you can print them yourself. You can go out and buy sticky-backed mailing labels to print them on or just use regular paper and glue. I adore book plates but it has been a few years since I took the time to use them. With their aide we can share out books and still feel confident that they will find their way home again eventually. Many well know children's book illustrators have contributed designs... check it out!


Sara said...

Wasn't that the greatest tip from Susan? I love that bookplate site! There's even some really witty contest results under the "Fun stuff" link. Did you see the hand out of the grave cartoon? That cracked me up.

Becky said...

I love the book exchange idea at work. But amazing that some people need chocolate as an incentive to remember the books! I like my chocolate and my books :)

If you're interested in bookplates, I found this about a year ago,

Lots of fun stuff.