Friday, November 23, 2007

Apology Poem

Miss Rumphius has asked us to try an apology poem this week for her poetry stretch. Here's mine:

Dear Mrs. Librarian,
I am sorry
I lost my library

I was reading it
on the way home
from school when
Jimmy whopped me
upside the head
with a giant

I had to put
the book down
to get him back
and a snowbank
swallowed it.

I promise
I'll bring it back
in the spring
when I find it.

May I haveanother book
of scary stories
Elaine, at Blue Rose Girls, has an interesting interview up with Joyce Sidman, the author of the poetry book This Is Just to Say, a book of apology poems written with kids. Sidman says many of her poems come from her own life experiences. The poem above I wrote after remembering the winter I was in fourth grade. I used to read my library books on the walk home from school (only two blocks and one street to cross). One day I set them down for some reason I can't remember (could have been getting creamed by a snowball) and I didn't find them again till the spring, when I brought them back to school soggy and warped. I had to give up about two month's allowance to pay for them.

The Friday Poetry round up is at Susan Writes.


tanita✿davis said...

Heh. I never lived where there was snow, but my library books had similar fates in banks of pine needles and in sandboxes... you just set them down for that one crucial second you need to kick someone...

*sigh* Good times.

Anonymous said...

Tadmack: "that one crucial second you need to kick someone . . . " Boy, does that take me back. Not that I'm proud of it, but, well, yeah.

Cloudscome: Your poem would totally fit within Sidman's latest book. Whether it makes it as a finalist yet or not (we've not started discussing any of the CYBILS nominees yet), I hope you get a chance to read it if you haven't!

Mary Lee said...

Love the story behind this apology!

Anonymous said...

I like that poem. I need to pay more attention to Tricia's poetry stretches and try some myself.

Now off to read Elaine's interview, too. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, I see. That's an older interview. Thanks for the link anyway. It's worth a re-read!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks friends. I am really enjoying digging back into childhood memories for poetry fuel. Trisha's stretches are really a lot of fun. Kelly, I am looking forward to reading Sidman's book when we get it in our library!

Suzanne said...

love it!