Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robert's Snow feature: Rolandas Kiaulevicius

I'm taking a break from costume parades and Halloween parties to highlight another children's book illustrator with a snowflake in the Robert's Snow auction for Dana Farber cancer research. Today's featured artist here is Rolandas Kiaulevicius.

Please take a moment to visit his home page, linked above in his name. This man's art just blows me away! It breath-takingly beautiful. His range of subjects and his variety of projects is amazing. Rolandas was born in Lithuania where he grew up in a family of artists and studied art from a young age. He moved to Connecticut to be with his girlfriend, whom he later married. His wife Laura has helped him with English studies and translation. In 2006 Kiaulevicius graduated from the master's program at the Western Connecticut University in illustration.

While a student at WCU he attracted the attention of Red Cygnet, a publisher specializing in finding new talent in the writing and illustration of children's books. He wrote the book Zoolidays after telling the story to the children of family friends. He describes his book:

"It is the story of zoo animals who paint each other to gain more visitors to the zoo so it won’t close down. I am very excited and proud to have my illustrations published. Red Cygnet chose me as one of 12 winners in a national contest of University students."

Read more about his process in writing Zoolidays here in the publisher Red Cygnet's blog, and more about the great success he has achieved with this book here at CT Central.

Here is a picture of his charming snowflake, based on illustrations from his book. I love the way he has incorporated the six points of the star and the wily expression on this fellow's face!

You have a chance to bid on this and many other snowflakes at the Robert's Snow site November 19 - 23. Mark your calendar and start saving some cash! This is a worthy cause and a very exciting opportunity.

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Wednesday, October 31


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, cloudscome! I just put two and two together and realized I've seen that great book but didn't know that he was the one who illustrated it.

One of the top-five most unusual snowflakes, huh?!

His web site IS amazing. Saw it last night when linking the schedule. Wow.

tanita✿davis said...

Wow -- there is definitely something to be said for this guy's range. His portfolio is astonishing. I really think the Zoolidays must be quite something. Thanks for this introduction, I am enjoying perusing his website at length!

Mary Lee said...

The octopus is perfect for the snowflake shape!

Charlotte said...

I love the octopus!