Friday, October 19, 2007

Review: A Mystic Garden

Working with Soil, Attending to Soul. By Gunilla Norris. BlueBridge, 2006. This sweet little book is a series of short meditations and poems following the garden throughout the year. Norris writes about caring for her own garden in Mystic, Connecticut. The book is divided into sections by the seasons. It is just right for dipping into when you have only a moment to sit still and reflect. Reading Norris' thoughts on Harvesting, Seed Keeping, Pruning and Raking this fall has brought me back again and again to a place of peace, gratitude and resolution. I offer you one short poem of hers that comes with her meditation "Harvesting" in this book, and humbly pair it with a photo I took yesterday:

Whether witnessed,
received, used, or wasted,
the joy of fruiting
hums even in the tiniest autumn berry.

Join the joy!
You are invited.

-Gunilla Norris


The Friday Poetry round up is at Kelly Fineman's Writing and Ruminating today.


Anonymous said...

Loved it!

Beautiful picture, too!

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, LOVELY. I think it is also a Gunilla Norris poem on the picture you gave as a prize for the 48 Hour Challenge -- I really cherish her way of putting peace and reflection into her poetry, and it matches so well with your beautiful garden. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to start my morning. Thanks!

John Mutford said...

I loved the first stanza and can totally feel the meditative mood. The second stanza, I'm sorry to say, I find a little too sentimental. But that's just me and I'm certainly glad you enjoyed it!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Hey John, we all have our thing, right? I find it refreshing to think about the fruits of the harvest instead of the dying of the leaves this autumn.

tadmack, I think that's my own words on the iris picture that was a prize in MoReader's 48 hour book challenge. But boy am I proud to be confused with Gunilla Norris!! :)

jama said...

Lovely post. You take the most gorgeous photos, by the way!

Elaine Magliaro said...


That sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for writing about it. I like the photograph you paired with the excerpt from the book.

Sara said...

"the joy of fruiting hums..." mmmmm. I like that so much.

Mary Lee said...

Working with Soil, Attending to Soul. Love that title. Yesterday for me it was Cleaning Up Acorns, Attending to Soul.