Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quaker Meeting Poem

meeting house.JPG

Quaker Meeting for Worship

In that early, misty hour
we clamber down from each singular tower
wrap up our last clear thought
release what once was fought
still each busy, curious hand
turn from what the day calls grand
open hearts and minds; teeming,
gathering in the meeting’s silent dreaming.

This is a response to The Miss Rumphius Effect’s Monday Poetry Stretch this week. She challenged us with a bouts rimes exercise. The end words Trisha assigned us are: hour, tower, thought, fought, hand, grand, teem, dream.


Anonymous said...

Cool poem. I love ones that open a window for me to someone else's way of life. Reading the list of 6 words, this poem is so opposite of what I would expect, and that makes it even better!

Becky Cheung said...


Hello all the way from Singapore ;)

Dewey said...

I went to a Quaker meeting with a friend not too long ago, and this poem captures the mood I felt there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this poem! I am a Quaker in Victoria BC, and would like to read your poem to others assembling here in this city for Quaker meetings of business in early November. We are having a social evening after our work sessions and there will be music, good conversation, and I hope...your poem. Please let me know at In friendship,Diana

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Yes Diana, absolutely! Thank you for asking! I will email you.