Friday, September 28, 2007


From the Associated Press:

Myanmar Breaks Up Rallies, Cuts Internet
1 hour ago
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Soldiers in Myanmar clubbed activists in the streets and fired warning shots into the air Friday, moving decisively to break up demonstrations before they could gain momentum. Troops occupied Buddhist monasteries and cut public Internet access, moves that raised concerns the crackdown on civilians that has killed at least 10 people was set to intensify.
Witnesses said troops in Yangon aggressively broke up a demonstration of about 2,000 people. Five of the protesters were seen being dragged into a truck and driven away. The clash in an area near the Sule Pagoda was the most serious of the several sporadic — though smaller — protests that were reported in Myanmar's biggest city.
By sealing Buddhist monasteries, the government seemed intent on clearing the streets of monks, who have spearheaded the demonstrations and are revered by most of their Myanmar countrymen. This could embolden troops to crack down harder on remaining civilian protesters.

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Join me in prayers for Myanmar today.


Charlotte said...

I have been thinking about Burma too...and hoping and praying.

Charlotte said...

Hi again Cloudscome,

Reminded by your post, I made Burma the theme of my Poetry Friday