Monday, September 10, 2007

Goals Update

Last June Suzanne tagged me with the Summer Goals Meme. I was to write a list of ten goals for the summer. I have been challenged to revisit these goals and check in with how well I've done. I put this off as long as possible to see if I could accomplish a few more, but since we are decidedly back into the school schedule I guess it's time to weigh in.

Here is what I wanted to do this summer:
  1. Pick blueberries and strawberries with my boys. I remember what strawberries taste like in the field, and it's not anything like those red monstrosities in the supermarket. Picked Blueberries and Raspberries and they were delicious!
  2. Go to the swimming pool three or four times a week and make some new friends from our neighborhood. We went to the pool at least three times a week up until the middle of August, when we hit a cold spell and would rather go biking. We made some new acquaintances, and we'll see how the friendships develop.
  3. Get Buddy swimming lessons. Done. He did great and loved it.
  4. Help with Vacation Bible School at our church. I got put on the snack committee and I think I can totally do that. Done. We all enjoyed it.
  5. Read and blog about at least one chapter book a week. Done. I reviewed over 20 books between the end of June and the end of August.
  6. Work on my writing. I mean read writer's texts, practice the craft, keep a writer's notebook, polish some pieces and submit. Done. See the writing label in my sidebar.
  7. Print photos of my kids and catch up on scrapbooks. Worked on this but didn't finish.
  8. Print photos matched with my haiku and make a book of them. Worked on this but didn't finish.
  9. Keep up with weeding and watering (especially the potted plants). More or less. The rest of the yard and garden dried up but I kept the pots watered.
  10. Get Buddy music lessons (Suzuki violin? Any suggestions or tips?). Still working on this.
  11. Learn to make gluten free fig newtons with our home grown figs. Done and they were GREAT!
  12. Research library schools and make a plan to finish my degree. Still getting around to this one.
  13. Find time to relax: play, laugh, watch and listen. Done!! I did the best on this one.
  14. Learn how to work with the school website; update library and class project pages. Plan to assist teachers with this next year. Done. A little more tweaking to do, but pretty much done.
So only two out of ten weren't done, with another two half done. I count that as a summer well spent. So glad I made these goals! How did you do on yours? Have you posted about it yet?


Vivian Mahoney said...

You did much better than I did. BTW, Suzuki violin is great. That's how I learned many years ago.

Saints and Spinners said...

Congratulations! I'm a big fan of the berry picking.