Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Could You? Would You?

I've seen it on a lot of blogs this week: 7-Imp is featuring the art of Trudy White. Her book Could You? Would You? is the prize for a contest. To enter the contest, you have to answer these questions. What would you say to this?

How would someone find you in a crowd?

If my boys are with me it's pretty obvious; we are a transracial family (I and my oldest son are white, the little boys are black) and all three of my boys are gorgeous. We always turn heads. If I am alone, you probably won't find me in a crowd. I'm kinda quiet and average looking. I'm usually off to the side watching everyone else and daydreaming.

If your house had a secret room, what would be in there?

A really nice quilting sewing machine, work table, and shelves full of fabric and yarn. Drawers full of equipment. A comfy couch, a book case half full, and a good lamp. A big window looking out on the garden, the sky and the trees. A bose sounddock for my ipod. No clocks or phones.

Where do you like to walk to from your house?

The library, the post office and several playgrounds.

How will you change as you grow up?

I hope I will have a clearer vision, a more delicate touch and a deeper well.

What sort of animal would you like to be?

A small brown bird with a sweet song.


Anonymous said...

What great responses....thanks for playing!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks Sara... I know I'm too late for the contest but I couldn't stop thinking about that secret room in my house so I just had to post.