Saturday, September 01, 2007

August 365 Mosaic

August 365 Mosaic

This month I decided not to try to be perfectly equally balance in how many pictures I post of each of my sons. The littlest is around me most when I am taking pictures, so there he is. I admit I usually have an internal critic asking if I favor one over the others and what that says about me. Ah well.

This month I decided to take more pictures of myself. I was profoundly disappointed in 95% of them. The face I see in the mirror is softer, kinder, prettier, more alert and happier than the face I see in the photos I take of myself. Why is that?

This month I took a lot of pictures of food. I was conscious of myself intentionally stocking up on goodness and sweetness, preparing for a stressful fall and a long dark winter. I sought out bright bold colors. I tried to record this month of summer. I watched the light fall on different types of surfaces.

This month I felt frustrated with my camera. I long for a better one. This one is a moderately priced point and shoot. The close focus is not good. I am frequently disappointed in my shots in anything but bright sunshine.

I am doing the Project 365, posting one a day. I am keeping all my photos in a Flickr set because I can't keep up with another whole blog. Browse other 365 blogs:

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~Kat~ said...

I love the personality that those vegetables have taken on... the pictures are beautiful! What kind of homebaked goods are those? Are they GF? (that's how I found your blog...)

Gawdess said...

Are the pictures that you take of yourself "in the mirror" any closer to what you see in the mirror?

Enjoying the pictures!
Just made cinnamon bunnies for my gf daughter.

Will try and post a picture of them on my picture blog.

It is hard to see that they are bunnies but if you try hard and squint and know what to look for, just maybe...

I have been trying to take a lot of self portraits and it seems to be helping, slowly, me get used to looking at myself in pictures and being comfortable in front of a camera!

I use a rebel xti what do you use?

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Yes, Kat, everything I bake is GF. My kids don't eat gf, but I let my oldest son do that kind of baking. I only work with gf flours now. I learned how to make Zucchini bread and fig cookies this summer. The sandwich is on Bette Hagman's gf french bread rolls.

Gawdess I can't wait to see the cinnamon bunnies! I want that recipe. My camera is a Kodac z730. It's good enough for day to day but I want to get more artsy with interesting close ups and it just can't do what I want. The self portraits are discouraging because I don't look the way I imagine I look. But when I look in the bathroom mirror I recognize myself and I like the way I look. The camera is harsh, with sharp angles and hard looks. Maybe because it's a machine? I have decided I need to smile more.

Ampersand said...

You've done a wonderful job of capturing summer.

I particularly love the lego guys, they bring back memories.