Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reflective Bloggers

Suzanne from Adventures in Daily Living gave me the Blogger Reflection award last week. I am so tickled to be on her list! Here's how she describes the award:

this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy… of knowing them and being blessed by them.

I had to think about this for a while, since there are so many blogs on my blogroll that I am enjoying this summer. I think I will chose five of my newer daily reads:
  1. Woman of the Tiger Moon: "Writing about single motherhood, homeschooling, gardening, gender constructs, and attempts at finding serenity and grace in the daily joys, blessings and vicissitudes of family life."
  2. The Whole Self: "I love touching yarn, attachment parenting, doulas, midwives, stacks of books, debriefing, black and white photos, cuddling, human anatomy and physiology, baggage, memories, organic eating, holistic health, knitting, trolls, anais nin, being spartan, children's books, fabric, family, herbs, houseguests, iced coffee, letterboxing, the idea of yoga."
  3. Mother Rising: " Mother, Artist, Vegetarian... and Chocoholic!"
  4. Lucky Beans: Writer, artist, gardener, and mom to three gorgeous children. They've just moved back to the States from Zambia.
  5. Gluten Free Girl: "food, stories, recipes, love" Shauna has just married the Chef. Her writing makes me hungry happy to be alive.
So, no real "kidlit" book blogs here. I guess I have been wandering the blogosphere a bit lately. It's August, right? I haven't posted as many book reviews lately either. I have some good ones coming up though, promise. Here's what I am reading, listed at GoodReads. Until then, enjoy browsing the blogs above. All these bloggers are fabulous photographers, writers, and thinkers who are dancing through their days with joyful abandon. My heart lifts every time I visit them. Go see!


Lides said...

Thank you -- I am flattered. I was actually tagged for this a couple of weeks ago and have felt unaccountably stymied by it -- so thanks for the added boost (aka kick in the pants) -- I will be doing this very soon!

Wendy said...

I humbly thank you!

I apologize for the lack of words but I'm packing for a trip to the sea.

Much love,

nina beana said...

you rock! thank you for making my day. xx