Sunday, August 12, 2007

Butterfly Festival Haiku

The great Japanese haiku poet Issa (1762 -1826) wrote this butterfly haiku about his own child:

A garden butterfly;
the baby crawls, it flies...
she crawls, it flies...

Here are some photos and haiku I wrote about kids and butterflies.

D. & buddy.jpg

Give the children nets,
release them in the open fields -
flying lessons

punkin with net.JPG

Chasing butterflies
with no will to close the net -
just running!


Catch and release
careful of delicate wings-
butterfly hunters.

Yesterday we met up with my blogging buddy Shelley from But Wait, There's More! at a butterfly festival. Our boys had a blast climbing a tree and running around the open fields with nets. Buddy even caught and released a monarch and a cabbage butterfly. I think Punkin's favorite parts of the day were the school bus ride from the parking garage to the festival grounds and sitting in the demo vegetable-oil-driven car. He got a kick out of loading his net with grass too. There is nothing like exploring new territory and building stronger friendships! I've been reading Shelley's haiku for a year now and it's the first time we met in person. How delightful to finally be able to say we are friends In Real Life!


Elaine Magliaro said...


Sounds like a great day! Love the photos and haiku. There's nothing like connecting kids with nature.

Mother of Invention said...

I like yours better than his!

They're perfect!

Lides said...

Lovely photos and haiku :-)

Chelle said...

I thought I recognized the boy in the green shirt (I'm his aunt). Great pictures and very nice haiku.

Shelley said...

The delight is mutual, blogfriend!

Anonymous said...


Have I already asked you if you've seen Today and Today by G. Brian Karas (a collection of Issa's haiku)? Sorry if I have. My blog-reading's been spotty lately, so I can't remember. Anyway, you'd love it.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks for all the kinds words friends. Chelle you have a delightful nephew! It was so great to meet him and his mom.

Jules I don't think I've seen that book but it's on my wish list now!