Monday, August 06, 2007

August 6 Haiku


"Mama - Look!
I picked tomatoes.
Green is pretty!"

Punkin, my two year old, has been watching my tomato pots with great interest. I have many times told him to "look, don't touch!" The other day he was just too excited to resist them any longer. I stepped in the door for something and before I knew it he had picked an arm full of little green tomatoes. He was so proud of himself. I was so disappointed. I put them on the windowsill. I tried to explain again why we don't pick them green, but the crushed look on his face stopped me.

He's right, they do look pretty.


Sarah Amick said...

My father always made fried green tomatoes. We loved them. I guess you make them like you make fried zucchini. Or see if they will turn on your counter.
My children did the same thing with the raspberries one year. Not as good when they are white!

Overwhelmed! said...

They look beautiful!

I have a couple of strawberry plants in our back yard and Snuggle Bug is constantly picking the strawberries before their time. Even though they're teeny tiny, he picks them and eats them. I haven't gotten a good crop yet. :) Oh well, c'est la vie!

abebech said...

They're beautiful. Maybe they'll ripen on the sill?

My two yo daughter plucked all of the petals off some of my flowers a few weeks ago. I was disappointed for a second, until she threw them up in the air and they sprinkled down around her and giggled. It was delightful, though I hope it doesn't lead to future flower-murder.