Sunday, August 05, 2007

August 5 Haiku

sages and parsley.JPG

morning shade -
contemplating texture
gazing at herb pots

My garden is parched and scruffy in the July/August heat. This is my lazy season as a gardener and all I can manage is remembering to water the pots of herbs, tomatoes and petunias. I've been enjoying the morning's cool breezes sitting next to the herbs and anticipating the crunch of parsley, the tang of sages. I can't seem to get this picture out of my mind. How is your garden this week?


Anonymous said...

I don't know how my garden is this week as I have been away since early July and will not return home until Thursday.

Now is usually the wonderful time for my garden though. The daily monsoon rains have started and I expect that everything (including the weeds) will be lush and green and twice the size I left it. No matter how often I water with a hose, things never really look happy until the rains come. I can't wait to see it when I finally return home!

Today I posted some photos of my step-sister's lovely Upstate NY garden though.

By the way, I really love your haikus!

kate smudges said...

Sometimes, at this time of year, I have trouble remembering even to water! My brain seems to melt...

Your haiku is great - along with the photograph!

Lides said...

Finally -- finally -- we have had rain: several inches over night! I am in heaven, and so is my garden.

Just today I discovered that my morning glories are growing -- and more importantly, blooming! -- I had thought they hadn't made it, as I sort of forgot about them when they didn't emerge a few weeks ago ...

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Wow that rain sure sounds good! My boys broke my 5 gallon watering can. Then they took the washer out of my sprayer hose attachment. I was hauling water around the yard with a one quart watering can. What a drag! I finally found another washer for the hose so now I can go out after dinner and water to my heart's content. Until they drive me crazy with some other mischief, of course! :)

I love hearing that you like the haiku. It is so satisfying to write.

Sarah Amick said...

We have had a very dry summer her in Northeast Indiana and my Petunias are looking pretty burned at this point. My mums are coming in nicely though and my sage is blooming to its hearts content. We had rain today and that will boost everything but I am afraid that my petunias are a bit overdone. They always seem to get this way by the first of August.

Nobody said...

I have given up on having a garden. We moved to a mountain made of rock. Dig down and inch and hit bedrock. I could do raised beds but just haven't the time right now. Maybe in the future...?

Thanks so much for the insightful comments. I agree about the story thing, and you are not the first wise person to point that out to us either. I am putting our eldest adopted daughter's "story" together in the form of her life book, and trying to make it just that...the introduction to her story. She is very receptive, and almost in awe of the idea that she has a story to tell.

The younger ones are still very immature, not intuitive at all. It will take some time before they are ready to grasp their own stories. But we'll get there.

The one is still with us, but I doubt for long. Everyone is still wrangling about what to do with her, and not asking us for much input. Other than to keep providing her care with no information to speak of. I understand that there are some that are trying to help, but it is an evil machine, our foster care system.