Thursday, July 19, 2007

Review: Everywhere Babies

by Susan Meyers, illustrated by Marla Frazee. Harcourt, 2001. This is an adorable picture book full of babies of every ethnicity and family profile. The facial expressions are completely endearing. Frazee's simple drawings perfectly capture the way babies show every emotion from surprise, contentment, pleasure, sleepiness and anxiety. The watercolor sketches of family groupings show affectionate, bewildered, exhausted, adoring, and smitten parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. There are traditional pairs, single parents, same sex partners, transracial families, multi-generational families, and neighborhood gatherings scattered across pages of babies being their precious selves.

The text is simple and repetitive: "Every day, everywhere, babies play games ~ peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, this-little-piggy, roll-the-ball, ride-a-horse, jiggety-jiggy." Little ones listening to the musical rhymes will want to sing along after the first few read-throughs. People with babies or expecting babies will love browsing this book over and over. Big brothers and sisters getting used to the idea of a new baby will delight in studying this book. I especially thought of Jenna, as I remember she was looking for a book for her son that included illustrations of multiracial families including one sibling adopted by another family and a new baby on the way. This book does a beautiful job of including everyone in the joy of living with babies. It would be a wonderful baby shower gift or big sister/brother gift. Highly recommended!


Heather said...

We checked this out from the library awhile back and my 1.5 year old LOVED it. He wanted to look through it over and over. We ended up renewing it just to have it around a bit longer.

I also appreciated the great variety of families, parents and children represented.

Caroline said...

This is a favorite in our house, too! It was one of the first books my 5 year-old could read, and my toddler wants to read it before naptime every day.

Andrea said...

we have this too; got it as a baby gift for aislinn, now 2, and it is her favorite, a bedtime standard. i particularly noticed and liked the variety of families portrayed as well.

Anonymous said...

I reviewed it in March! Here! Goooood book. We love it. Bought a copy!