Friday, June 08, 2007

When all the want is a big fat book

What do you give them?

A lady walks into a bookstore. She's looking for a book for her brilliant niece. Niece is six and already reading H. Potter. What goes through your mind in those few seconds you have to pull up the perfect book?

"But if Harry Potter really existed, and the Dursley’s were nice people, this is what he would be reading at age six, and he’d like it a lot.”

Check out: Ten Seconds: Running the Hurdles with Harry Potter by A. Bitterman at Reading Reptile.

Thanks to Purled Pouches for this great link to an essay about how Potter has changed us.

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Anonymous said...

Am I allowed to toot my own horn? I just published the first book in a new series for ages 7-10 -- THE SOCIETY OF SUPER SECRET HEROES: THE GREAT CAPE RESCUE. It was recently reviewed by SLJ and I think it might be the thing you're looking for. Here's a relevant quote from the review: "This genial fantasy emphasizes individual courage and initiative. Although the cape talks like a fabulous being straight out of the Arabian Nights, its actual powers are fairly limited, forcing the boys to do most of the real work. Relationships realistically reflect the changes kids go through between primary and early intermediate grades. There is plenty of humor...Longer than most early chapter books, this selection is a worthwhile choice for transition readers anxious to tackle a 'big book'."