Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Surf report

I am working on updating our library web page. Today I am mainly looking at other library websites and exploring what's out there. What are your favorite library sites? What are the features you most value? If you were redesigning your library page, what would you include? Tips please!

In my surfing I have discovered these cool web 2.0 toys that I would love to share with teachers and students:
  1. Google Docs. Write documents and spreadsheets anywhere and open them on another computer. Share, collaborate, and work from a variety of locations...
  2. Mindomo: An online graphic organizer. Kinda like Inspiration, which we teach the students to use in planning and organizing their research or writing. Again, work in one location and share, collaborate or revise from another location.
  3. Thumbstack: Make and share presentations on the web. Kinda like PowerPoint. No need to tote all those old fashioned flashdrives or *shudder* floppies if you do all your work on the web, right?
  4. Picnik: Online photo editing.
  5. Meebo: Mush all your instant messaging pals together in one place. No need to remember if they are on aim, yahoo, whatever.

So now you can go on vacation and forget about what was on your desktop at work, right? Better put all these links in your del.icio.us account first.

Thanks to Online Education Database for all these links.

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Renee said...

I know when our library (www.mppl.org) was redesigning our page we looked a lot at Hennepin County's page, http://www.hclib.org/

Hennepin has really embraced technology at their library and they've been used as an example at a lot of technology conferences I've attended