Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer time, summer time, sum-sum-summer time!

porch swing.JPG

Checked these off my to-do list for summer prep:

  • Finished writing report cards and updating curriculum maps for the school year
  • Cheered as oldest son repaired, sanded, scraped, primed and painted the porch
  • Planted the hanging baskets, window boxes, bedding plants, tomatoes and herbs
  • Invited grandparents to preschool graduation and registered graduate for kindergarten (gasp!)
  • Signed the preschooler/entering-kindergartner up for summer camp four mornings a week
  • Registered and paid for family pool pass
  • Bought, put together and hung the new porch swing
  • Compiled a list of YA novels and teaching writing texts to check out of the library
  • checked that the ice-cream maker is chilling in the freezer
  • stocked up on sparklers, sunscreen, bug spray, poison ivy weed-killer and popsicles

Bring on those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, looks relaxing! Beautiful!

christine M said...

Your porch looks lovely - and it sounds like you are totally ready for summer!