Thursday, June 14, 2007

If it's Friday, it's Poetry!

Susan has a lovely write-up of Poetry Friday on the site. She highlights some of the frequent posters and shares a little history of this weekly celebration. It's a great article and you should go read it now. Bookmark that site so you know where to find great poetry.

I have done Friday Poetry 60 times on this blog. My very first was back in April of last year. I posted a mixture of classic Japanese haiku and some of my own haiku.

I think I first saw Poetry Friday on Jo(e)'s blog. This is one of the posts I read last March. I think she said her students started posting poetry on Fridays after she read it to them. A bunch of other bloggers were doing it too, and someone would always post a word or theme for everyone else to bounce off. I thought that was so much fun I joined in. I didn't used to tell anyone I was doing it, I just used technorati tags and thought people would find me. After a while I realized I had to speak up if I wanted to play with the group. After I found Kelly doing a round up every week I realized I had be part of the circle. Next week I am even hosting the round up.

I didn't pay any attention to copyrights in the beginning. I am slowly going back and editing those old posts, taking out the full text of the poems and linking to sites that have the copyright permission to post them. If you get my RSS in your feedreader you'll be seeing the old posts cycle through.

So what am I posting tomorrow? I have no idea. I like to wait and see what I'm thinking about when I wake up. What are you posting?


Dewey said...

I'm hoping to join this poetry Friday eventually. I'm just still new to this book blogging gig and sometimes all the upkeep gets overwhelming, so I'm trying to be less of a joiner for a while.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words, Cloudscome. It was a fun article to write.