Friday, June 01, 2007

Flower Scented Haiku


It grows unchallenged
along the parking lot fence;
sweet honeysuckle!

pink rose 4.JPG

That scraggly rose
I cut back last fall;
enchanting this spring.

jasmine 4

By the kitchen door
night blooming jasmine opens;
that scent in the air!

For Friday Poetry this week I give you three original haiku inspired by my garden. I wish I could include the lovely scents of these flowers in the post - it is incredible to have these flowers flavoring the breeze that wafts in my open windows morning and evening.

The honeysuckle, which is an invasive species many consider a weed, screens my garden from the parking lot next door and gives me great pleasure. Immediate gratification I may regret, to be sure.

The rose is an annoyance to prune in the fall with its great sharp claws. Last fall I put on my gloves and got rid of all the dead wood and this spring is is overflowing with pink blossoms.

The jasmine plant my brother and sister in law gave me for my birthday several years ago. It grows in a pot and I keep it indoors in winter. This week it is suddenly covered in tiny heavenly blossoms that smell like the Chinese tea we love to drink.

I like how these three haiku together contrast the changing seasons, the span of time from old to new, and the stretch between weed and cultivated treasure.

The Friday Poetry roundup is at Adventures in Daily Living today. Go leave your link if you have poetry to share and read all the other selections.

Don't forget to come back here on Sunday for my Garden Tour roundup. This week I think I will talk about herbs.


Elaine Magliaro said...


This is a beautiful Poetry Friday post. I really miss the scent of lilacs in spring. It's a scent I recall from my childhood. Our backyard was lined with lilac bushes--so, too, the side yard and driveway of my maternal grandparents. I'm thinking of planting some lilac bushes in my backyard next year.

Vivian Mahoney said...

What beautiful pictures and lovely poems. You must have an amazing garden!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've caught the scents. Thanks -- these are lovely.

christine M said...

The pictures and the poems are all lovely. I love honeysuckle - but can't seem to grow it. I even bought a plant a couple of years ago and it just died away - I don't know what happened to it. Sigh. - But you're honeysuckle haiku is almost as nice as having the real thing here.

Anonymous said...

Great haiku and beautiful photos! Is your rose a rugosa? I have a white Frau Dagmar rugosa and the thorns are deadly! But the flowers are so pretty. I posted some photos of my peony today along with a poem. Unlike you lovely haiku though, I didn't write the poem I posted.

Saints and Spinners said...

We're trying to grow honeysuckle and jasmine. I think the honeysuckle doesn't get enough light.:( Speaking of herbs, I just introduced my daughter to cilantro and thyme straight from the garden patch. She wanted to keep eating and eating the cilantro. I don't blame her, but asked her to save some for tomorrow.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Elaine you really should plant some lilaces - they are so beautiful! Maybe someone you know has some and you can get a volunteer from them. Mine came into my yard by straying under the neighbor's fence. I dug up some of the babies spreading from the neighbor's lilacs and re-planted them on the sunny side of my yard. They are just starting to get taller than me this year.

HipWriterMama my garden is actually pretty small and not tremendous. I just like to take carefully selected photos LOL! Doing Project 365, where I take photos every single day has sharpened my eye and made me find something beautiful each day.

Liz I am glad you can catch the scents! The honeysuckle is really delightful wafting in the windows.

Christine when the honeysuckle catches on, watch out! It grows like crazy if it likes the spot. It will take over everything else and needs to be constantly pruned. It does like a lot of sun and something to climb on...

Stefanie I don't think it's a rugosa because it doesn't have any rose hips after the blooms. I can't remember what kind it is - I am bad about remembering names and specific types. I need to get better at that!I love your peony poem and photos.

Alkelda that is so funny that your daugher loved the cilantro! I find it bitter. I just love eating right out of the garden though, and it is a delight to see one's children discover that pleasure, isn't it?