Thursday, June 28, 2007

Call for Submissions

Carmen Van Kerckhove, of Anti-Racist Parent and New Demographic, passed this on to me:

Did you grow up in a racially/ethnically mixed family?  Did you create
one? If so, we want to hear from you. We are collecting memoirs from
individuals of mixed race families. Your story can be about anything
within this topic. Positive and negative experiences are welcome, as
long as they speak your truth. This is a grassroots anti-racism
project, and is first and foremost a way to share the real lives of
interracial families from the inside out. We are looking for cohesive
stories. If your piece is chosen to be published, you will be
considered a contributing author for publishing and will be paid
accordingly if/when this goes to contract. This anthology will be a
resource to other interracial individuals/families as well as
outsiders who are looking to learn more about the subject. If you have
a non-fiction memoir or personal you'd like to share, please do! Send
a 3-5 page draft to start and we will work from there... We are
looking for at least 10 pages Times New Roman double-spaced
(approximately 4,000 words). And/or if you prefer to simply share your
story and have us help heavily with the writing, that can happen as
well as we are looking to balance the book with a diversity of
perspectives. Contact us with your story and/or any questions at:

The contact's names are Adina Ba and Heather Ellen Miller.

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Saints and Spinners said...

My extended family is racially and ethnically mixed. My aunt on my father's side has never met her mother-in-law (now deceased) because her m-i-l lived in Jackson, MI, and everyone feared repercussions from the locals if she were to have visited Jackson. I don't know why the m-i-l didn't travel to Seattle, but there's always more going on than what people tell me.