Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Garden Stroll

orchid azalea.JPG

Four years ago this spring I brought my second son home on Maundy Thursday, right before Easter. He was eight months old and I had been working on adopting him for six months. It was a beautiful spring. Flowers were in bloom everywhere I looked. The first weekend in May my parents and my two sons and I went on a garden tour at a place known for it's fabulous azaleas. We walked through the estate marveling at all the shades and textures of these gorgeous flowers, from palest cream, lemon yellow, soft mauve, salmon, vibrant orange, hot pink to deepest lavender and violet. They stretched out under stately trees, meandered along forest paths and snuggled up against the brick of garden walls around the old manor. My eldest son carried my youngest in a back pack. My parents were delighted with their grandsons and it was pure pleasure to spend the time together.

That afternoon is a precious garden memory of mine. When we left they gave us a slip of an azalea bush as a gift. I planted it in the backyard along the fence. I have mulched it every spring with compost made from coffee grounds, leaves and horse manure. This year it is finally starting to look like a bush. It was covered in double blossoms this spring and I just couldn't get enough of looking at it.

buddy's azalea.JPG

I used to work at a daycare that was held in an old estate in the city. All around the front of the building were porches surrounded by huge azalea bushes two stories high. They were at least fifty years old and put on a show every spring. I wonder how many years Buddy's little azalea will be delighting us?

I am trying out a new widget here. Last year all summer I posted about my garden on Thursdays and encouraged others to join in. This year I think I am going to post about my garden on Sunday, because that is the day that I have the most time to enjoy it. I am going to try using Mr. Linky to invite you to send me links to your gardening posts. If you have a post about flowers, planting your vegetable garden, visiting gardens, gardening books, your problems with gardening, your dreams of gardening, your failures... whatever! I would love to hear about it. Pictures are even better - I love flower pictures!

Share a link to your garden post from the last week in the Mr. Linky below and tell us about it. Let the roundup begin!


Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

This is one of my wild and crazy gardens. I usually go au natural, but the weeding can be a bear!!

Cindy S.

Tell me more about this Sunday Stroll...Do I post pix of my gardens every Sunday??

Thanks for the invite

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Thanks for participating Cindy! This is the first time I am doing it, so I am still learning. I'd like to post about my garden every Sunday and see what everyone else is saying about theirs, so I thought this would be a good meme. You can do pictures or just tell what is working or not working for you, tell garden stories, share about your favorite garden books, give tips, etc. Anything about gardens!

Charlotte said...

Oh gosh, this is a lovely idea and I would love to play too, but aggrevatingly I can't post from home, which is where I am on Sundays. I will try to think of something, though.

Saints and Spinners said...

I just linked my "Fiacre in the Garden" post.