Saturday, May 19, 2007

Search Question

I have a couple questions for the group. Every time I check my site meter I find several searches for this image. Last winter I posted about St. Nicholas day and putting out shoes out, and I linked to this image. I didn't even post the actual picture, just a link. Now lots of other people are looking for that picture. Why? What is the big deal with this picture? I am telling you two or three people a day come to my site looking for this picture. Can anyone explain this mystery to me?

Another question I have about image searches: sometimes in my sitemeter I see people have been searching for my pictures on Flickr. How do they do that? And why? Do they see the picture on Flickr and wonder where it's been posted on the web? It looks to me like the search term is the url of the photo on Flickr, so that must be what they are doing. Why?

One thing I hate about the new blogger; when someone does a search they don't get the actual post in the results, they get a page with the archive of the month the post appeared. So instead of getting something about the author/book they are looking for they get to read a month of my blog. That would annoy me if I was the searcher. Why can't they just get the thing they are looking for, instead of having to continue to search a month's worth of posts to find it? For example: this search term, "thelma cooke unseen companion" gets you this as the fifth entry in the Google search results: Then you have to scroll down through all the July posts to find the one about Unseen Companion. Annoying! Why can't a Google search come up with the individual post?

Thoughts anyone?

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