Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Edge of the Forest is up!

The May issue of The Edge of the Forest is packed with great articles and book reviews.

I am most interested in investigating JacketFlap. I signed up for JacketFlap last fall after seeing it in my sitemeter, and then forgot about it. I signed up again last month when I saw is linked around. I am still learning to use it effectively but the potential is huge. Connect with everyone interested in children's book publishing, read blogs, learn about what publishers are interested and what books are hot. Anyone here know more? Leave me a comment with your tips please!

Kelly tells us there's more in TEOTF:

Allie (Little Willow) discusses The Bermudez Triangle: Too Cool for School? and profiles author Deb Caletti.

Kim Winters talks to children's writers on retreat about what they are reading and why for the In the Backpack column, and gets personal about writing for children in A Day in the Life.

Kelly Fineman interviews David Lubar in our Blogging Writer feature.

Reviews in all categories--from Picture book to Young Adult. (There are tons of reviews this month.) They've added an interview archive for your convenience.

Best of the Blogs covers THE scandal of the month (you know which one...)

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The Edge of the Forest will return June 10. Please let Kelly know if you would like to contribute a feature story or a review.

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