Monday, May 14, 2007

Carnival coming up!

The 14th Carnival of Children's Literature will be posted at Chicken Spaghetti on Monday, May 21st. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, May 17th.

There's a theme: Fiesta! A Multicultural Celebration. If you have a book-related post on another subject, you can submit that, too.

The focus of each Carnival is children's books and reading. One entry per person is welcome. Go ahead and look over your posts for the past month and pick your favorite one.

Submit the link to your Fiesta! post by sending an email to c_spaghettiATyahooDOTcom (Replace the AT and the DOT with the real things.) Write "Carnival of Children's Literature" in the email's subject line.

Or use the form at the Blog Carnival site. I sent mine in today.

If you're wondering what a blog carnival is, Susan wrote an explanation back in March. Also check out Jen Robinson's wonderful April Carnival of Children's Literature.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link, Cloudscome!