Monday, May 21, 2007

30 Day Challenge

iris bud.JPG

This iris bud is to remind me of my potential. Yesterday it was a bud; this morning when we ate breakfast it was open in loveliness.

HipWriterMama has been writing inspiring posts every Monday. She is doing a 30 day challenge to encourage anyone who wants to participate to work on establishing a new good habit. She says, "...with every productive new habit, you'll find more motivation and determination to work toward your dream. And that is what I'd like this Challenge to show you. Your ability to work towards your goal no matter what."

I am joining in this week with my goal for the next month: My 30 day challenge goal is to study Nancie Atwell's "Lessons that Change Writers" and practice writing my own small moments of memoirs. I mean I will read her book in stages through out the month and write every day.

I have been intrigued by how teachers are using Atwell's ideas on teaching writing. I would like to learn to write those "small moments" that take a seed of experience and nurture it into a little sprout of beautiful writing. One step beyond haiku, if you will.

I am going to borrow the book from a teacher friend and work my way through the lessons, with myself as the student. Atwell is a seventh and eight grade writing teacher. I am putting myself in the learner's position to see how much I can get done. I am going to spend time every night writing - not for the blog or work or anything other than learning the practice of crafting memoirs in small pieces. Here is a sample lesson from the book.

I'll be checking in with Vivian every Monday to report how it's going. I invite you to join in and work on developing a habit of your own. It can be any little thing you want to practice... Go read and see what others are doing.

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Vivian Mahoney said...

I'm so glad you're doing this. I look forward to reading about your progress.