Friday, April 13, 2007

Kiri Davis

I have posted a couple of times about the Cosmo Girl film contest. I went to check on how our girl Kiri Davis was doing today, and found this message:
CG!'s film contest
CosmoGIRL! and Take Action Hollywood announce our
Film Contest finalists.
We have determined that the online voting has been corrupted as a result of one or more instances of tampering with the voting process by users. As a result, none of the online votes will be counted, and we will submit all three of the semi-finalists to our panel of experts for final judging and selection of a winner. Read rules here.

So I guess our voting is all for nothing. Too Bad! I really hope they take her film seriously. You can still see it here: A Girl Like Me


abebech said...

I, too, still hope for her to win!

Anonymous said...

Many of us have sent emails to Cosmogirl, people have called, and Radar Magazine, an online magazine has done an article about the scandal. We'll see where this goes because when they stopped the voting she was in the lead.