Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Poetry Round Up

Big A, little a was planning to do the Friday Poetry round up but she is very busy today so I said I would try to do it. It's my first time so I hope I can handle it! I have my post up here, and it is GREEN.

So far this is what I have seen posted:

Monica is doing Robert Pinsky on Difficult Poetry at educating Alice. Fascinating discussion!

Fuse # 8 has a special poem for her sister, by request, from The Collected Works of Susan Ramsey.

At 7 Imp Eisha is posting some Rainer Maria Rilke and thinking about who she is, who she wants to be, what she wants to be doing.... that fits in nicely with my rainy Friday! I love Rilke too!

Here's a new-to-me blog: Mona's Barbaric Yawp. She has posted three original poems written around the theme word for this Friday's Poetry - "cloud". (I guess using my blog name here would be cheating?). I love her poems!

Scholar's Blog is reminding us that it was Shakespeare's birthday on April 23. She has given us a passage from Richard II and lines from Sonnet 30. Lovely!

By Sun and Candlelight reminds us that it is Arbor Day. She has a well loved poem up, a list of tree books, some ideas of ways to celebrate and links to tree websites. You know how much I love trees so I am groovin' on this!

Bookshelves of Doom is taking a page from my book - she invites us to "write a haiku about something work-related that you HATE." Don't know if I can do that.... hmmm... What do you think?

Oz and Ends celebrates Shakespeare with Sonnet 20: Prick'd Out for Women's Pleasure. Hoo boy! A good one for spring.

Elaine Magliaro is still a poetry fool at Blue Rose Girls, with Poetry Friday Potpourri #4 with a favorite funny children's poem for spring entitled "The Worm"; a link to National Poetry Month at Infoplease; and links to all my poetry posts of the past week at Wild Rose Reader. At Wild Rose Reader she has an original poem entitled "Cool Pool" and links to three online poetry articles. Thanks for all of it Elaine!

Nancy, at Journey Woman, has picked another one from the Knopf poem of the day series. It's Rumi, another of my all time favs!

From MotherReader a poem from an English/Spanish collection of poetry for kids. Wonderful selection! She quotes my man Yoda as well - go see.

Karen has another new-to-me blog (I am loving this!) full of fantastic writing and poetry. Today she has a poem by Richard Wilber titled "The Writer".

I'll be busy teaching and doing all that library work for the rest of the day, but if you leave me a comment if you are posting Poetry this lovely April Friday I will continue to round 'em up! Ye haw! This is FUN!


More, More, More said the baby! I put the kiddos down early tonight (and I will pay for that tomorrow morning, you can be sure...) and I am knee deep in wonderful poetry posts here.

Jone aka MsMac posted some fabulous student poetry at Check It Out. She even has a little movie they made!

HipWriterMama has a poem by William Wordsworth. She is talking about making donuts and writing - good combination!

Kelly at Big A, little a has Animal Poems for the little ones. It's a Valerie Worth and Steve Jenkins combo.

Alkelda gives us a photo of herself as a young summer girl, and an enchanting poem to match.

Gregory K. is posting an original poem every day for April's National Poetry month. Today's is How I Save Money. Looks like a fun way to do it!

Kelly Fineman is another poet among us. She gives us an original poem about footwear. With all the rain and mud we have here today, this bit of lady's shoe history is quite fascinating!

Tricia at Miss Rumphius Effect is in today with some bat poetry. She gives us an original poem and D. H. Lawrence, as well as links to some great bat books.

Mother of Invention, at Spilling Out has some of her original cloud poems and lovely photos. Here is another new-to-me blog that I am enjoying.

Holly Doe wrote about a Smushed Peanut and a technology tidbit on Google Booksearch at the Mombrarian. I want to explore that Google Booksearch a bit more myself!

Susan at Chicken Spaghetti is in with a post about a picture book "Cat Poems." I bet my brother would like this book. (I know someone with cats in the double digits... ahem. It's not me, by the way. I only have one.)

Liz in Ink has written about what poetry IS. What an interesting discussion! I am with Valerie Worth - it's the puddle.

Katie at PixiePalace has bird song for us today. I am listening to a robin sing as I read her post - Ah spring!

Jennie gives us John Donne at BiblioFile. Is it really almost the end of the semester? So soon? *sigh*

Melissa Wiley at Here in the Bonny Glen shares a dad's poem by Thomas Hood about the joy of four year olds. I can so relate!

And for the first time, Elizabeth shares another funny dad poem by Michael Rosen. Nothing happier than watching kids laugh.

Here's one more new-to-me blog called By Singing Light. (Host Friday Poetry and you are really in for some treats! I can't believe how amazing this experience has been!) MaureenE gives us my favorite Wordsworth poem. She has posted a poem a day for the month of April, so you can enjoy browsing the rest of her posts as well.

Miss Erin is reading from King Lear. She has some awesome passages for us.

Little Willow has stars and fireflies from Robert Frost. Those summer nights are coming soon...

Suzanne has a lovely little poem by Luci Shaw for us at Adventures in Daily Living. Here is another sweet sound that points toward summer.

At A Year of Reading Mary Lee is reviewing Teaching With Fire. Anyone who teaches and has been doing it for a while will be inspired by this book. Go see what she has to say.

Whew! What a fabulous list of poetry for this weekend! If I have missed anyone, let me know. And sit back and enjoy...


Kelly said...

Thanks, cloudscome! Will you get Tricia and Jules/Eisha's post?

Elaine Magliaro said...


At Blue Rose Girls: I have Poetry Friday Potpourri #4 with a favorite funny children's poem for spring entitled "The Worm"; a link to National Poetry Month at Infoplease; and links to all my poetry posts of the past week at Wild Rose Reader.

At Wild Rose Reader: I have an original poem entitled "Cool Pool" and links to three online poetry articles.

Thanks for doing the roundup!

Nancy said...

Thanks for doing the roundup! I've picked another one from the Knopf poem of the day series:

MotherReader said...

From MotherReader a poem from an English/Spahis collection of poetry for kids.

Karen Edmisten said...

I'm trying to get back to Poetry Fridays, and have one up today, at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me!

Anonymous said...

Cloudscome, Once at school I can't leave you a message. but here's mine, w work in progress. Will finish this AM.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Thanks for organizing this! Here's a poem by William Wordsworth... Thanks again!

Kelly said...

Thanks, cloudscome, for hosting the roundup. It is much appreciated :)

Here's my link:

Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks for hosting this, cloudscome! Here is my post:

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, cloudscome! I'm up with an original: How I Save Money

Anonymous said...

Thanks, cloudscome!

I'm in with an original poem about footwear.

Tricia said...

Hi cloudscome,
I left my comment at Kelly's place at the very same time you posted your offer, so you might have missed me.
I'm in today with some bat poetry.

Mother of Invention said...

Saw you at Mona's as I do her Poetry Friday. There are so many of these poetry days. I kinda wish it was universal and all co-ordinated but I guess that would be difficult.

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting. You can find more on a Smushed Peanut and a technology tidbit on Google Booksearch at the Mombrarian.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cloudscome. I am in with a post about a picture book "Cat Poems."

Chicken Spaghetti

Anonymous said...

Thanks for rounding up. I've written about what poetry IS (yikes) over at Liz in Ink.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing the round up! My post is at

Kimberly/lectitans said...

Thank you for rounding up! I've got "The Tears of Lesbia's Sparrow [Yes, Again]" up:

Jennie said...

I have some John Donne at

Unknown said...

Here's mine:

Thanks for the roundup!

Frabjous Days said...

Ooh, this is my first time!

MaureenE said...

I've got a Wordsworth:

Erin said...

I'm in with some quotes from 'King Lear':

Thanks for the round-up!

Little Willow said...

Thanks for doing the round-up!

Suzanne said...

sorry to be so late. It's at

Stacey Shubitz said...

Yesterday was Poem in your Pocket Day in NYC. Check out these links please:
Thanks for all of the great links!!!!

Mary Lee said...

Thanks for finding my review! I got busy Friday and lost track of finding the PF round up, then we were gone all day Saturday!

Mother of Invention said...

Okay, now I remember how you saw me! Thanks. What a great poetry resource here! Endless blogs to read and only so much time! Do you teach full time? I've taught for 26 years now, Gr. 1-7