Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 22 Haiku

reel mower.<span class=

the house finch's song
falls in cadence with the clacking;
the year's first mowing

In honor of Earth Day I have to share how much I love my reel mower. It is one of my joys to walk back and forth over the earth listening to its music and watching the spray of cut grass flash in the sunshine. When Buster left for college last fall I was worried about how I would manage to do all the grass cutting and trimming, collect all the fallen leaves in autumn, shovel the snow in winter and generally manage all the chores he used to do. Today while cutting the grass I was rejoicing to see that we made it through the winter. Mowing the grass the old fashioned way without using up natural resources is a joy I highly recommend! Remember what Grandfather said in Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine:
"Grandfather smiled in his sleep. Feeling the smile and wondering why it was there, he awoke. He lay quietly listening, and the smile was explained. For he heard a sound which was far more important than birds or the rustle of new leaves. Once each year he woke this way and lay waiting for the sound which meant that summer had officially begun. And it began on a morning such as this when a boarder, a nephew, a cousin, a son or a grandson came out on the lawn below and moved in consecutively smaller quadrangles north and east and south and west with a clatter of rotating metal through the sweet summer grass. Clover blossoms, the few unharvested dandelion fires, ants, sticks, pebbles, remnants of last year's July Fourth squibs and punks, but predominantly clear green, a fount leaped up from the chattering mower. A cool soft fount; Grandfather imagined it tickling his legs, spraying his warm face, filling his nostrils with the timeless scent of a new season begun, with the promise that, yes, we'll all live another twelve months."

I love that book. I read it so many times in high school I think I memorized parts. I went up in my attic just now and found the tattered paperback copy I inherited from my older brothers and sisters. It is full of their under linings and notes from some forgotten English class. The pages are yellow. The words still shine.

My four year old Buddy is having his tonsils out on Monday morning. I expect to be blogging light this week as I concentrate on nursing the patient back to full strength. I consider it one of God's blessings that the grocery store had our favorite ice cream on sale - buy one get two free! If you think of it say a prayer for Buddy and his quick recovery.

I'll leave you with these links to consider:

Adventures in Babywearing and Flip Flop Mama have more about Earth Day and being green.

A Mom's Journey is doing a TV turn off week challenge. I am thinking about it.... at least at our house. Buddy is going to watch TV at Grammy's house while he is home recuperating, no matter what I say... LOL She is taking care of him while I am at work for the rest of the week and Grammy has her own rules.

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