Friday, March 30, 2007

There's a Flower at the End of My Nose Smelling Me

by Alice Walker, illustrated by Stefano Vitale. Harper Collins, 2006. This is a beautiful little book. It reads like a song. The images are juxtaposed just enough to make you sit up and notice your everyday experiences as fresh and wonderful. In the back of the book Walker writes that she wrote the poems all in a rush after taking a walk in the woods one day with her dog. The glory of the world filled her with joy and delight. She wrote the book as a thank you note to the universe. It makes me love Alice Walker and the world all over again. The illustrations are perfect too. *Sigh*

I would so much love to copy the whole thing here, if not for those darn copywrite laws. I'll just have to restrain myself and only put a snippet here. My favorite page says:
There's a poem
in the cradle of my soul
rocking me.
You need to run out and get this book and read the rest!


Jody said...

One of my daughters picked this book off the top shelf of the library because she loved the cover. But the actual text bored my three kindergartners, such that they actively asked me not to read it to them again.

I was and am completely baffled.

Heather said...

The title alone was enough to make me want to read it. What beautiful language!

Unknown said...

This sounds wonderful. Thank you for the suggestion... I'm heading over to Amazon Marketplace soon.