Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lock down

icy fence.JPG

Yesterday when I tried to publish I got a message from Blogger saying that my blog was tagged as a possible Spam robot. They locked me down! The scary thing is the message said that if I responded with an email within 24 hours they would have a real person check my blog and if it read like a real person wrote it they would unlock it. BUT if I didn't respond within 24 hours they would delete the whole blog! What is up with that? What if I was sick or busy or just didn't feel like posting yesterday and didn't read the message? 24 hours? Has this happened to anyone else?


Saints and Spinners said...

Was it a real message or a scare tactic by some spammer? Have you written to Blogger to ask what in all creation makes them think your blog is a spam-bot while plenty of real spam-bots roam free and unfettered (and probably eating all the cookies, too)? I'm glad you're not locked down.

Jody said...

Please tell me you didn't give them any financial ID to confirm your real-life existence. Because this sounds like a classic spoof to me, and I very much doubt that Blogger had anything to do with it.

Reading their helpgroups, it sounds like they confirm real blogs by imposing word confirmation to posts (you have to match one of those word verifications). If you still have the original e-mail, I would forward it to blogger support and demand confirmation that they were the ones who sent it.

Something does NOT sound right here.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

No, they didn't ask for any information, financial or otherwise. The message said I could save posts as drafts but not publish until they checked my blog by a real person, and that is exactly what happened. I spend a long time composing the Onward! post about Matthew Henson on Wed. and couldn't publish it until they unlocked me on Thursday. I did email them to complain. No answer so far.