Saturday, March 24, 2007

Links that make me think before breakfast...

By reading Semicolon's Saturday roundup I found two great new resources for bloggers: Blogging Basics 101 found through Painted Rainbows and Chamomile Tea; and Scribbit's custom search. She has developed "a custom search engine powered by Google that searches select blogs on parenting, crafts, cooking, gardening and blogs by women." I think we ought to get her to include kidlit blogs, don't you? So many times when I start to write a book review I wish I could quickly find all the other blogger's posts on the same book. I search Google and Blogger and that finds a lot. But a focused custom search engine for kidlit blogs would be just about perfect. What do you think? I emailed her and got the code to put the widget in my sidebar and asked her to include my blogs in the database. Try it out!

I have been tagged for two great memes by ThirdMom and MotherReader. I'll have to come back and work on them after we eat breakfast cause the kids are awake and hungry. These are going to be challenging and fun to do!

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Scribbit said...

Glad you like the search engine, thanks for the mention.