Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

You can not imagine how happy I am right now.

I am home alone. I don't have to work today.

The sun is shining.

I am lying on my bed with a new (to me) book cracked open. It's a highly recommended book I have been waiting to get to.

I just found an almost full box of French Mint chocolates that I forgot I had.

I have two hours before I have to go pick up my boys.

Did I say the sun was shining in the window and the cat is napping at my elbow?

I am happy.


Brooke said...

Whoa, your day sounds delicious! Too bad we can't bottle up springtime for later, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoyed your time.

Lilian said...

YAY to your happy day!!! I'm home alone, since my parents have taken the boys to the Please Touch Museum for the first time (for my parents, not the boys). I have lots of things to do dissertation wise, but I'm taking a break right now :)

Anonymous said...

What a happy day! I am dying for some time to just lie on my couch and read (the chocolates would be a real bonus, too). Hope that you enjoyed your time, and your book!