Sunday, March 25, 2007

Favorite Non-Kidlit Blog Meme

Mother Reader tagged me to do the Favorite Non-KidLid Blog meme. I have to chose five of my favorite blogs to share with you. I have been clicking around reading the blogs everyone else is choosing and I am finding a lot of fascinating blogs. This could eat up my entire life! I already am hopelessly behind in reading and commenting on the blogs in my feed reader. I am going to have to cut back on the time I devote to healthy stuff like exercise and tooth brushing in order to read more blogs, that is clear. What did you give up to read more blogs?

Here's a few more you really should read:

  1. My Topography: She's a teacher, writer, artist, wife and mom. She delights in beauty and grace and love. She is refreshing and joyful. If you want a moment of peace and beauty go see her.
  2. Writing as Jo(e): She's a teacher, writer, wife and mom. She is brilliant at giving us small moments that sparkle like diamonds. She loves the woods. Her kids are smart, funny and almost grown. Don't miss this one.
  3. Whoopsy Daisy: She's a knitter, photographer writer, wife and mom. Beauty is here; soak it in.
  4. Paragraphein: She's a writer, thinker, wife, mom, and passionate soul. She's the one who introduced me to blogging. Her honesty stops me cold and her kindness thaws me.
  5. But Wait, There's More: She's a poet, teacher/administrator, and mom. She posts haiku on Monday or Tuesday and more poetry on Thursday, with more great writing in between. She's a Quaker and a thinker and a wide open soul.
Looking back over these choices I am amazed at the fabulous writing I have to enjoy every day. I am so blessed! Now I tag five more of you: Devas T., Saints and Spinners, Shaken and Stirred, Repressed Librarian, Planet Esme. What are your favorite non-book blogs?

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jo(e) said...

Hey, thanks for the compliments!

I'm going over to check out some of the other blogs you've listed.