Sunday, February 04, 2007

One Month of Project 365

My creation

Billie at Parts n Pieces 365 did a retrospective of her photos from January and Inaqui followed her lead. I was inspired to try to look back over what I have done. 365 is a photo project that involves posting one photo every day for a year. Many participants started a blog devoted to those photos, but I didn’t think I could keep up with posting on another blog so I am just putting them in a Flickr set with a badge on the sidebar of this blog.

After the first full month of daily photography, I have been watching for patterns, I am also wondering when or if I will get tired of looking for subjects. I see the way the light falls on the walls and furniture in my house and I want to capture the feeling of contentment and happiness that sunshine brings, but I don’t know how to get the camera to show it. I watch the way the cat holds her head, and notice the jasmine stretching out long leggy branches toward the window. If I took the same picture every day, would it show me how these things change?

I am wondering if people looking at my photos are learning something about me, or if it's just me that sees the parts of my life there. I am noticing the shapes and colors that catch my eye. I am getting pleasure from looking for beauty everyday. I am thinking more about angles, backgrounds, frames and balance. I am learning more about the preset modes on my Z730 and wishing I had a better camera.


Joy- Ms. Flamingo said...

I just looked at your photos and I have to say the are lovely. Especially the sunset with the clouds. What I first saw when I looked at it was an eye. (where the tree branches over-lap the cloud- looks like the shape of an eye) Made the photo very expressive and interesting! I could imagine you looking at the scene.

I like your use of space and perspective in your photos. Very interesting set of photos!

Mary Lee said...

Do you know the book CHASED BY THE LIGHT by photographer Jim Brandenburg? He challenged himself to take ONLY ONE photograph per day in the 90 days between autumnal equinox and winter solstice. "There would be no second exposure, no second chance." In the text between the photos, he meditates often on looking, seeing, and capturing what he sees. You'd love it. (If you don't already!)

Kaycee said...

I just happened to find your blog while searching for people who like to do a Photo A Day project. I am a Library Media Specialist, too and I enjoy digital photography.

I like the variety of photos that you have posted. It is a fantastic challenge to look at our everyday world and capture it with our cameras. Have you ever read any of Freeman Patterson's photography books?

Shelley said...

"Looking for beauty everyday"

A worthy discipline indeed.

Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and the pictures put together the way that you did. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

beautiful work Andy. I'm so impressed with all you do. You're a very accomplished woman.