Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4 Haiku

sunny spot.JPG

The north wind blows cold -
re-caulk all windows and doors,
seek a spot of sun.

Killer cold temperatures here today and predicted for all next week. I checked the weather-stripping on all the windows and added some around the front door. We keep the thermostat low and stopping the drafts makes such a difference!

I am hoarse and coughing so I stayed home from church. My parents picked Buddy Boy up and took him to their church and then home for lunch. It was so nice to stay home with Punkin and not have to talk! Thank God for grandparents. And little spots on sun... and cozy quilts.


Cavatica said...

Love that black, sun-shiny fur!

BTW, I'm getting into silly little haikus. I write them with clients and when something strikes me as interesting or fun.

Lilian said...

Lovely photo and haiku.

I hope you feel better soon. We have a really cold weak ahead... I'm not looking forward to that. As Jo(e) says... February is a really long month.

Anonymous said...

Oh love the tuxedo...haiku too.

Hope you are feeling better...drink some nice tea.