Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oprah's Roots

So I am doing all this knitting lately, and I love to watch TV when I am knitting. Last night I was so tickled to chance on watching the PBS show on Oprah’s roots. I like Oprah and her book club but I seldom watch her show because I can’t remember when it is on and I hate the amount of commercials I have had to watch the few times I remembered to turn it on. Anyway, I loved that show last night. (No commercials on PBS) It was really fascinating to watch Henry Louis Gates unwrap the history of her family going all the way back to Africa. She learned that her focus on education, discipline and the importance of land ownership (business sense) goes all the way back to her great-greats. If I am remembering correctly, one of her great grandmothers headed the school board for a school for black children during reconstruction and one of her great-great-grandfathers came from slavery to buy his own land and establish a school on his property for the black children in his community. It made me so hungry to know the history of my adopted black son’s families. After reading Black Baby, White Hands I was filled with sadness at not knowing my sons’ family stories, and now once again I am longing to know – what heroes, struggles, triumphs and sacrifices did their people achieve to bring them here? I pray dear God we someday will know.


Lilian said...

I just realized I missed it, I taped something that aired at 4 a.m. Wednesday on PBS and was watching it tonight, so I saw a commercial. Maybe they'll broadcast it again, I'll check right now.

If I were you, I'd feel the same way. I do pray that their families contact you someday.

Inkling said...

I just read an amazing book about slavery--it's called The Known World. I think anyone interested in black history would find it fascinating--it shows better than any book I've read the devastating effects of slavery on the whole of American society.