Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Child is Born

by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Floyd Cooper. I absolutely love this board book and so do Buddy Boy and Punkin. Punkin is old enough now at 20 months to expect and look forward to nightly story hour after his bath each day. I let him pick two board books from his shelf and this one is usually his first pick. We adore the brown baby Jesus. Floyd Cooper’s paintings of the Holy Family and the angels, shepherds and wiseman are just fabulous. Joseph is a handsome black man and Mary is a stunningly beautiful black woman. I wish her hair were natural instead of straightened though.

Margaret Wise Brown’s text is a poem. It is a little awkward to read because it is written in an old fashioned Christmas carol style so sometimes I rephrase it, but Buddy has heard it straight often enough that he can practically quote it himself.

O come, wild birds

Descend, gentle dove

And angels from Heaven

to give him your love

If you only have one board book Christmas story, get this one!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting and insightful blog.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful book.

Anonymous said...


One Christmas years ago, a Korean nun with the Daughters of St. Paul who worked at the Pauline bookstore in our area sent my children Korean Christmas cards. One was a Korean Blessed Virgin, the other a Korean Holy Family. I framed them both for the kids' rooms.

I'm sure in Korea we would have found many Korean images for our faith, but here in the US it's not so easy, so I treasure those cards. And I know the kids appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

We have this book! Some friends of ours have same book, but not in boardbook format. It seems in my memory that the artwork is much more vivid in their book than in our boardbook. But they're beautiful, just the same.