Wednesday, December 06, 2006

6:30 am, December 6

st. nick 002

Buddy Boy: "Mom! There's chocolate in my shoes!"
Me: "Really?"
BB: "There is chocolate in Punkin's shoes!"
Me: "Remember I told you it is the feast of St. Nicholas?"
BB: "MOM! There is chocolate in YOUR shoes!"
Me: "Yes! Today we celebrate St. Nicholas. He was a bishop that lived a long time ago and he was good to children. It's part of the celebration to get chocolate in your shoes in the morning."
BB: "But how did he get in here?"
Me: "He didn't. He isn't alive anymore. He is in heaven with God. We remember he was good and kind and gave gifts to children so we give gifts of chocolate."
BB: "But how did he put chocolate in our shoes?"
Me: "I did that, to remember how St. Nicholas gave gifts and to celebrate."
BB: (Goes over to the door and opens it. Leans out into the frosty air and shouts) "Thank you St. Nicholas!"

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Anonymous said...

so adorable!

Anonymous said...

oh, that's too cute!!