Saturday, November 04, 2006

What Makes You Happy Today?

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Yesterday was cold enough to see your breath. When we stepped outside in our dash for the car and late as usual, I glanced up at the maple tree and was awestruck. The sky was a brilliant saphire blue and the sun was blazing through the golden yellow of the maple leaves. It was dazzling. I took a deep breath and said a prayer of thanks. I want to start every day with a moment of pure happiness like that; standing on my step with my baby in my arms, Buddy Boy joyfully racing across the grass, our lunches in hand and the sun lighting everything up in praise.

Sunday School Rebel wrote a post last Monday that I am just getting to read today, Saturday. She challenged us to write a list of 25 things that make us happy. Here's my list for today:

1. Waking up early, before everyone else
2. Hot, fresh coffee
3. Gluten Free muffins
4. Fast, uninterrupted internet access
5. Blogs to read
6. A good breakfast with plenty of time to eat - no rushing!
7. Time to read the paper
8. Sunshine streaming in the (clean) windows
9. Trees full of light
10. Taking pictures
11. Crisp air and warm clothes
12. A walk in the woods
13. A stream rushing over rocks
14. Cooking good food
15. Birds singing
16. Listening to my boys' laughter
17. Seeing them hug each other
18. Rocking my baby and holding him close, with his head on my shoulder
19. Walking up to my porch at the end of the day with my boys
20. Black Gospel music
21. Reading in bed
22. Chocolate
23. A Hot shower
24. My flannel PJs, terry cloth bathrobe, and slippers
25. Knowing God

I challenge you to post your own list; here in the comments or make it a meme and pass it on...


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L said...

Beautiful post. Will try to take the challenge... but, you know, I may not get around to it :(