Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I writing report cards this week, so no book reviews for a day or two. The haiku poetry prompt at One Deep Breathe this week is for a renga on "friends and companions". Renga is linked haiku verses written by more than one person. It should be about nature, season, color, a strong visual image of one moment, with a surprising twist in the last line. The readers' mind should 'leap' from one image to another as the stanzas progress, but all the images should be concrete.

I invite you to team up with me if you are interested... post your haiku or two 7-syllable line stanza here in the comments or send me an email: cloudscome AT yahooDOTcom if you want to work on some haiku with me.

cat bath.JPG

morning window light -
African Violets in line;
cat hair covered leaves.

- Andromeda Jazmon, 2006

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful kitty. I too have a tuxedo kitty; rather, she has me.

jillypoet said...

Cat on foot of bed,
cat on bedside table, too.
I sleep in food bowl.

We have 6 cats. I couldn't resist adding to your haiku!