Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Osa's Pride

By Ann Grifalconi. Osa is a seven year old girl living in a village of round houses in Cameroon. She is very proud and brags to the other children about her father’s heroism. They soon tire of her and she ends up playing alone. Her uncle and grandmother notice her dilemma, and grandmother calls her over to tell her a story. The story is illustrated on a panel of cloth grandmother is embroidering. As she unfolds the cloth the story of a girl who looses all her eggs on the way to market is revealed and Osa learns a lesson about being proud and haughty. I love how the grandmother gently teaches her that what others see of our foolishness can return to us as a gift of the community and that being willing to laugh at ourselves is an opportunity to grow. And I love the artwork of grandmother’s sewing and storytelling.

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