Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get Out the Vote

I am too late with my political sign for this contest, so I am just sharing it with you. This is my kind of politician!

Last night the governor called me. He sent me a letter on personal-looking stationary too, reminding me how important my single vote is today. My mom said Bill Clinton called her. Who's been calling you?

My boys are both sick, over at my parents house. Thank God for grandparents who will take two sick kids while I try to squeeze in another day of work, get a sick doctor appointment and figure out when I can get out to vote. I have been trying to get a haircut too, but I guess that won't be today. What time will I see you at the polling place?


Anonymous said...

The only call I got was from Jim Webb, and I'm highly jealous of the ones who got a call from Bill Clinton.

I voted at 10:20 - the polls were pretty quiet when I arrived, but the line was toward the door when I left.

It was good to see parents bring their children, to explain how to use the machines. I hope it inspires a desire in them to vote in every election.

Jen Robinson said...

Last night, within a 10 minute interval, we had calls from Clint Eastwood and Arnold S. Needless to say, I live in California. I must admit that I hung up on both of them, having received far too many recorded phone calls in past weeks.

I'll get out there this afternoon.

Mia said...

I took my son with me last night to vote. They had a mock vote at their school too. I found it interesting that all of the high school age kids he knows voted exactly as their parents did with absolutely no clue why. He asked! Yeaaaa!!!!!
In that respect (ONLY) I am glad my kids live in a household with both a republican and a democrat. Hopefully they will grow up with strong minds of their OWN!

Susan said...

Good one, Cloudscome! I linked it over at Chicken Spaghetti.

Bill Clinton called me, too, and although I like ole Bill, I hung up on him. (Robo-call, needless to say.)